Frequently Asked Questions (Import / Export)

Import / Export 

  1. What are the Requirements for entering a certain market? 
    • This always depends on the product, and the specific market you are entering.
  2. How do I Reduce the chances of container rejection?
    • To reduce the risks of rejection ensure proper…
      1. Product Quality
      2. Packaging
      3. Documentation
  3. What are the documents required to export to the USA? 
    • Documentation required may vary depending on the product being imported into the USA; however some basic documents you must have include the Bill of Lading, and Certificate of Origin. 
  4. Import requirements for North America: For requirements importing into the United States,
  5. Information on maximum residue level limits: 
    • These are product specific, and sometimes customer specific. Ask your buyer for a specifications sheet for what they need.